Competition Rules

Rules for the Season 2023/24

  1. The league is called Rutland Invitation Quiz League.
  2. The decision of the Committee on any matter for the league is final.
  3. Members are invited to an AGM before the start of the season to confirm arrangements, including subscription costs.
  4. Teams and Players
    1. A Team is a group of Members who participate in the league.
    2. A Team may have an unlimited number of Members.
    3. A Player is a Member of a Team who is playing in a Match for that Team.
    4. Members may play for only one Team during a season, unless approved by the Committee.
      1. Any Member wishing to transfer from one Team to another Team during the season must notify the Committee and not play for any Team until the Committee makes its decision.
      2. Any Member who plays for more than one Team without the approval of the Committee will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
      3. Any Team found to have included a Member who has played for another Team during the current season without the approval of the Committee will forfeit any League points they have gained from Matches in which that Member played, and will forfeit their place in any Cup knockout matches resulting from those Matches.
  5. League Competition Format
    1. Matches are played in a round-robin competition with Teams in the same division playing against each other twice, home and away.
    2. Teams are awarded two League points for a match win and one point for a draw.
    3. Teams are ordered from first to last on the League Table by the following criteria in the following order:
      1. League Points (most to fewest)
      2. Aggregate Match score (highest to lowest)
      3. Alphabetically
    4. At the end of the season, the team at the top of the League Table is declared the League Winner, and the team in second the League Runner-up.
    5. Composition of any divisions of the league will be decided by the Committee.
    6. Withdrawal of a Team
      1. If a team withdraws from the league in the first half of the season, all League points from Matches involving that Team will be void.
      2. If a team withdraws in the second half of the season, League points for Matches involving that Team in the second half of the season only will be void.
  6. Cup Competition
    1. The format of the Cup will be decided by the Committee.
    2. Withdrawal of a Team
      1. If a team withdraws from the Cup competition during a league phase, results for Matches involving that Team will be void.
      2. If a team withdraws from the Cup competition (or forfeits) during a knockout phase, another team may be reinstated in their place at the discretion of the Committee.
  7. Matches
    1. Matches are held on Tuesday evenings starting at 8.00pm. Both teams should be ready to start at 8.15pm latest whenever possible.
    2. A Team comprises a maximum of six Players per Match. One Player per team is nominated as Captain.
    3. Each Match will be under the control of the Question Master. The Question Master’s decision on matters arising during the match is final.
    4. In each match, one Team is designated the Home Team, and one the Away Team.
    5. The Home Team are responsible for providing a venue for the match, except where a neutral venue is required by the Committee (e.g. the final of a cup competition).
    6. The Home Team will provide a Question Master and a Timekeeper (which may be the same person). A member of the public may act in either capacity.
    7. Questions
      1. Questions are supplied by Rob Hannah and delivered to the home team’s venue by post.
        1. If questions are not received, the Committee should be made aware as soon as possible.
        2. A spare digital set of questions will be available to use as a backup through a nominated member of the Committee using the address
      2. Questions must be asked as supplied and only the answer given as supplied is to be accepted unless agreed by all parties including the Question Master.
        1. In the event of a dispute or error the Question Master may use a spare question as a replacement.
        2. If the answer to a question is revealed by the Question Master before both teams have attempted it, a spare question should be read. If one team has attempted a question before the error occurred, they may not attempt the spare question.
      3. Spare Questions
        1. Ten spare questions are included with each question set.
        2. If a spare question is required, the Question Master should ask the team captain (or the individual who is to answer if during an individual round) to select a number between 1 and 10.
        3. The corresponding question is asked and play continues as normal, with points scored according to the question that has been replaced and with the question offered as a bonus to the other team if necessary.
    8. Match Structure
      1. A match consists of ten numbered rounds with a short interval normally taken after five rounds.
      2. Written Rounds
        1. Round 1 and Round 6 are written rounds with a time limit of five minutes.
        2. The answers to all questions must be written down and the answers given to the Question Master for marking.
        3. In Round 1, questions are printed on paper supplied with the question sets and are handed to the Teams. Each question is worth one point.
        4. Round 6 is called “Starter for 10”, and between 2 and 4 questions are read out by the Question Master. All answers to each question should be provided for one point each.
      3. Team Rounds
        1. Rounds 2, 4 and 5 in the first half and Rounds 7, 9 and 10 in the second half are Team Rounds consisting of ten numbered questions.
        2. In Rounds 2, 4 and 5, the Home Team is asked the odd numbered questions and the Away Team the even numbered questions.
        3. In Rounds 7, 9 and 10, the Away Team is asked the odd numbered questions and the Home Team the even numbered questions.
        4. After the Question Master has finished reading the question, the Team receiving the question has 30 seconds to provide an answer. If the answer is correct, two points are awarded. If the answer is incorrect or none is given the opposing Team will have a further 15 seconds plus any unused time from the other Team’s time to provide their answer. One “bonus” point will be awarded for a correct answer.
        5. Answers to questions must be given by the Captain or a Player nominated by the Captain.
      4. Individual Rounds
        1. Rounds 3 and 8 are Individual Rounds of 12 questions each.
        2. During this round, Players must not confer with other Players before giving answers to a question, and only the named Player may answer their question or use pen and paper during their question. Conferring with teammates or the wrong person giving an answer is considered the same as an incorrect answer.
        3. Before the start of the match, each team must list the names of their players in an order of their choosing and supply the list to the Question Master. Teams may include a second list or indicate that the order is to be reversed for the second individual round, otherwise the same list is used for both rounds.
        4. The first player on the home team’s list and the first player on the away team’s list are paired together, and their names read by the Question Master. Each player is the “opponent” of the player they are paired with.
        5. During Round 3, the first Player of the home team on the supplied list will select a number between 1 and 12. The corresponding question is asked. In Round 8, the first Player of the away team selects first.
        6. After the Question Master has finished reading the question, the Player receiving the question has 30 seconds to provide an answer. If the answer is correct, two points are awarded. If the answer is incorrect, answered by another Player on their Team or no answer is given then their “opponent” will have a further 15 seconds plus any unused time to provide their answer. One “bonus” point will be awarded for a correct answer.
        7. The second Player in the pair is then asked select one of the remaining 11 numbers and the corresponding question is asked and scored similarly.
        8. The Question Master then reads the name of the next Player from each team, asks their questions and repeats the process until all Players have been asked a question.
          1. If a team has fewer than 6 players, subsequent points in that round for that team are forfeit. Once all Players on the Team have been asked a question, the Captain will select a number for the opposing team’s Player to attempt for a single bonus point.
          2. If both teams have fewer than 6 Players, the round ends when the last Player has received their questions.
      5. At the end of all 10 rounds, whichever Team has scored the most points will be declared the winner. In the event of a tied score, the match is declared a draw. If the match requires a winner due to the competition format, the tie-breaking procedure must be used.
      6. Tie-breaking procedure
        1. A tie-break question is provided with each question set. If the match ends with scores tied and a winner is required for the competition format, the Question Master reads the tie-break question, the answer to which will be a number.
        2. Each Captain may confer with their Team and must then write a number on a piece of paper and submit this answer to the Question Master.
        3. Whichever Team’s answer is closest to the correct answer is declared the winner.
        4. If the answers are equally close, the winner will be decided by coin toss.
    9. Scoring
      1. Both Teams must keep score during their matches. Scores are to be agreed and signed off at the end of each match.
      2. Captains should have a score sheet for the evening which should be retained by the home team and kept for the duration of the season. Score sheets must be produced to the Committee if requested and will be the means of arbitration in the event of disputes.
      3. A sample scoresheet can be downloaded from the Website and is included with all sets of Questions.
      4. Results should be sent to the Results Secretary by email by 12 noon on the Wednesday following a fixture by the Captain of the Home Team.
    10. Forfeiture, Postponement and Cancellation
      1. All Matches should be fulfilled as scheduled.
      2. A Match may only be postponed in the event of unforeseeable extreme circumstances (e.g. extreme bad weather, pandemics) unless otherwise agreed by the Committee in advance.
      3. Postponed matches will be played at the earliest opportunity, and may be played after the end of the original season schedule.
      4. In cases where one Team fails to fulfil a Match, that Team will forfeit the Match and the other team will be declared the winner.
      5. The Committee will determine the outcome of any Match which cannot be played before the conclusion of the season.
  8. Subscriptions and Funds
    1. The subscription price for 2023/2024 season is £80 per Team, payable by cash, cheque, or bank transfer.
    2. Cheques should be made payable to Rutland Invitation Quiz League.
    3. Teams can pay by bank transfer using details supplied by the Treasurer.
    4. Teams who do not pay by the 1st October 2023 may lose their place in the league and all matches played will be voided, at the discretion of the Committee.
    5. If additional funds are required due to unforeseen circumstances, a meeting of Members from all Teams must be called to request additional funds.
    6. In the event of the league being disbanded any surplus funds will be donated to a Rutland charity of the Committee’s choice.