Competition Rules

Rules for the Season 2022/2023

  1. The league is called Rutland Invitation Quiz League
  2. The decision of the Committee on any matter for the league is final.
  3. Teams are invited to an AGM before the start of the season to confirm arrangements, including subscription costs.
  4. Subscriptions for 2022/2023 season are £100 per team. Cheques should be payable to Rutland Invitation Quiz League and NOT to individual committee members. Teams can pay by bank transfer using details supplied by the Treasurer. Teams who do not pay by the first match of the season will not be included in league fixtures.
  5. Players may play for one team only during any one season, unless approved by the committee. Any player who plays for more than one team without the approval will be suspended for the remainder of the season. Any team found guilty of using players who have played for another team during the season will forfeit any match points they have gained from fixtures in which that player played. Any player wishing to transfer from one team to another during the season must notify the committee and not play until the transfer is acknowledged.
  6. If a team withdraws from the league in the first half of the season all points are void. If a team withdraws in the second half of the season all points for the second half will be void.
  7. Games are held on Tuesday evenings starting at 8.00pm. Both teams should be ready to start at 8.15pm latest if possible.
  8. A match consists of two question sessions with an interval.
  9. The home team starts the game taking odd numbered questions in team rounds. After five rounds the away team will take the odd numbered questions for the second half of the game.
  10. Questions are supplied by Rob Hannah and delivered to both teams by emailed link on the morning of the game. The link is password protected. In the event of no link being present a link should be available from the Secretary.
  11. Each team will comprise a maximum of six playing members.
  12. Each home team (and not the away team) will provide a question master and a timekeeper (which may be the same person). A member of the public may act in this capacity.
  13. Both teams must score their matches. Scores are to be agreed and signed off at the end of each match.
  14. Results should be sent to the results secretary by email by 12 noon on the Wednesday following a fixture, by the home team captain.
  15. Captains should have a score sheet for the evening which must be retained by the home team and kept for the duration of the season. Score sheets must be produced to the Committee if requested and will be the means of arbitration in the event of disputes.
  16. Each game will be under the control of the question master and timekeeper. Their decision on matters arising from the match are final in all cases. Questions must be asked as supplied and only the answer given as supplied is to be accepted. COMMONSENSE MUST PREVAIL AT ALL TIMES.
  17. Team Rounds – there will be six team rounds of ten questions for which the team going first will have 30 seconds to provide an answer, two points will be awarded for a correct answer. If the answer is incorrect or none is given the opposing team will have a further 15 seconds plus any unused time from the first team’s time to provide their answer. One point will be awarded for a correct answer. Answers to team questions must be given by the team captain.
    There will be two rounds when the answers to all questions must be written down and the answers must be given back within 5 minutes to the question master for marking.
    Individual Rounds – there will be two individual rounds of 12 questions during which each member of the team will be asked a question in turn which is worth 2 points if answered correctly within 30 seconds. If the answer is incorrect or no answer is given, the question is offered to the opposite member of the opposing team who has a further 15 seconds, plus any unused time from the first team’s member’s time, to provide the answer. One point will be awarded for a correct answer in this case.
    During the individual rounds team members are not permitted to use pens and paper. Only the person answering the question and their opposite number may use a pen or paper if the question is mathematical or a name or word is spelled out by the question master.
    Spare Questions – Spare questions are supplied each week. In the event of a spare question being required, the captain of the team or the individual (if it is on an individual round) should be asked by the question master to select a number between 1 and 10 and that question will be used. The question master may not select the spare question.
  18. Teams are awarded two points for a match win and one point for a draw.
  19. All fixtures must be fulfilled. A postponement will only be allowed in the event of extreme bad weather, in which case it will be replayed at the end of the season. In all other cases the team failing to fulfil the fixture will forfeit the match and the opposition will be awarded two points for a win.
  20. Composition of any divisions of the league will be decided by the Committee.
  21. In the event of the league being disbanded any surplus funds will be donated to a Rutland charity of the Committee’s choice.